I was that kid who proudly brought home “talks too much” checks on my report cards.

By junior high, I was bringing home awards for writing and impromptu speaking competitions. Fortunately for me, my parents were also members of the Nightingale-Conant cassette tape club.

That meant on the way to school, we were listening to stories about the power of visualization, mindfulness, forgiveness, and love from the greats, like Wayne Dyer, Zig Ziglar, Leo Buscaglia, and Rita Davenport. (At 13, I would have much rather been listening to Wham!)

Little did I know, however, the seeds would be planted in my early life for my true loves…


Words. I love writing and speaking in front of crowds. I also love the challenge of taking big, complex ideas and making sense out of them. From reporting collegiate sports and editing trade magazines to inspiring donors, writing video scripts, and publishing a novel, I have wrangled those 26 letters in every way imaginable. I have also spoken and led workshops for all sizes and types of crowds. Perhaps it’s because both of my parents are retired teachers, but I love the energy and inspiration that comes shared learning.

Inspiring and cheering on others. No, I wasn’t cheerleader material. (I wasn’t much for skirts.) I was more of the slow-clap, “we CAN do this” kinda girl. From my basketball teams to creative teams, I’ve been the go-to woman for a dose of practical advice, tough love and inspiration. It could be why I was named the Austin Women in Communications Mentor of the Year in 2015. (Of all the awards I’ve won for writing, editorial, and marketing, this one meant the most.)

Creativity. I have loved the journey of unearthing my creative spark. At one time, I  thought creativity was a “thing” to be acquired. It’s not. We are all creative beings, but we often forget. Sometimes it takes years to dismantle those old beliefs and stories we learned, so we can rekindle and unleash that creative spark within. I’m fascinated by this process of inviting creativity back to the dance floor. I also love the ways we each express that unique creative energy whether through our relationships, work, art, music, cooking, or simply how we live.


Personal and spiritual growth. I love understanding what makes me tick. And what makes other people tick, also. I’m fascinated by the evolution of our personal stories within the fabric of that larger essence of Divine energy. You’ll likely hear me call that Divine essence all sorts of things: God, Spirit, Universe, Love, Life, Truth. I’ve come to believe it doesn’t matter what you call it. It’s how you connect with it, feel it, express it, and above all, the compassion you extend to others so they can shine their light, too. 

People. I love people. I am that woman who will smile at you in the grocery store. I’ll nod “hi” as we pass in the hallway. I’ll hold the door open for you. I will even (sometimes begrudgingly) let you cut in front of me in traffic. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a Saint. I’m from Texas and learned good manners. Plus, we all wrestling with our own inner battles. And a perfectly timed smile, greeting, high-five, or hug can change someone’s world. I am especially enamored with the people who love me unconditionally: my family and friends. 

Other Things I Love

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A few other of my favorite things: moon gazing, Peloton, peppermint gum, riding my bike, blue ink, practicing yoga, podcasting, sunsets on beaches, singing ‘70s light rock loudly in my car, watching college football, moon gazing, sipping coffee on crisp fall days, and cooking Pinterest recipes.


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